All items have a 90 day limited warranty unless otherwise specified. The warranty starts the day the item is delivered. Please remember to test parts once received, failure to place parts in service does not extend warranty. Warranty items must be sent to Vending Works by UPS or other means at the customers own expense. All sales are final.

Exclusions: Acts of vandalism, fire, flood, other natural disasters and power surges causing disruption to machine power or excess power to be delivered to machine by generators or other means.

Please note: The very purpose of vending machines is to leave them unattended, and because of this it makes them a prime target for all types of vandalism. Whether they are trying to get something for free or they feel wronged because of a “dry” vend (due to operator stocking error), people will do the weirdest things, and stick miscellaneous items where they don’t belong (ie. Coin slot, bill path, etc.). Just because nobody saw them do it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Vandalism is a problem for everybody.

PARTS ORDERS: Please order your parts carefully. If you aren’t sure of the correct part you need then please contact us at before placing your order. Please include manufacturer and model number of machine and part. Should you order the wrong parts for your vending machine, Vending Works is under no obligation to accept the parts as returned goods.

REFUSAL TO SELL: Vending Works reserves the right to refuse service or to sell to any individual or business for any reason with or without notice. Should Vending Works exercise this right all money paid by customer by our automated system will be promptly refunded.

LIABILITY: Vending Works is not responsible for misuse of items sold on this website. By purchasing items from Vending Works you the customer understand and agree that we reserve the right to limit any liability (current or future) to the original cost of the items purchased.

INTERNATIONAL: We welcome international customers to our site but remind them that all coin mechs and dollar validators are set up for US coins and US currency only. All refrigeration decks are 110-120 volt AC only and we do not provide step down transformers for other voltages and can not guarantee performance if a transformer is used. Vending Works has no knowledge of local customs laws or declarations.