*ALL SALES FINAL: Vending Works sells used and refurbished vending machine parts. Make sure you purchase the correct items to meet your individual needs. By using this site you the customer agrees that you have read and understand the description of all equipment and that if items are purchased from this site. Should you have a warranty issue it will be taken care of under the terms of our warranty page.

*PARTS ORDERED BY MISTAKE: Should you order the wrong parts by mistake you have the following options; you can return the parts for full credit (minus shipping cost) towards the correct parts, should we carry them. If this option is taken then you are responsible for the shipping cost both ways plus any overage cost if the part you need costs more than the part that you bought. Should we fail to carry the correct parts that you need then you can return the parts for refund.

CREDIT CARD PURCHASES: I have read and agree to the terms and conditions you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions on this page. Should you dispute the credit card charges for any reason at a later date this page will be presented to your credit card company to substantiate our claim for payment of charges. Please note: All major credit card companies and PayPal have accepted this form from us and we have prevailed in all disputes upon presentation of this page. We reserve the right to cancel any order that the billing address doesn’t match the delivery address due to possible credit card fraud. Should an order be cancelled due to the delivery and billing addresses not matching the only way the order will be processed is with a wire transfer of funds. If the wire transfer has not been received in one business day then the order will be cancelled and considered ‘null and void’. At that time the item will be placed back in stock on our online inventory.

CURRENCY: All currency listed on this site is for US dollars. Any payment made by any customer outside of the United States of America hereby agrees to make such payment in the form of US dollars. If wire transfer is used then the currency must be converted to US dollars prior to transfer into our banking system. All orders over $7,000 must be paid by wire transfer of funds to our bank in US currency for the amount of the purchase. PayPal and credit cards may be used for purchases up to $7,000.

EMAILS: All emails from customers regarding orders, changes to orders or other information shall be considered binding and treated as part of the original order. Vending Works reserves the right to use any comments left by customers in emails on our website under the comments section.

LIABILITY: Vending Works is not responsible for misuse of items sold on this website. By purchasing items from Vending Works you the customer understands and agrees that we reserve the right to limit any liability (current or future) to the original cost of the items purchased.

ORDER CANCELLATION: In the unlikely event that 2 orders ‘hit’ our ordering system at the same time, for the same item, before our inventory can be corrected then the first order received will be considered valid. Should the above result in creating an out of stock situation Vending Works reserves the right to cancel the second order and refund the purchase price to the customer. Once an order has been accepted into the system and the item is shipped the order shall be considered ‘final’ by the customer and Vending Works. Once ‘final’ status has occurred the order is considered non cancelable by either party and all sales are final. Vending Works reserves the right to cancel any order where the delivery address is different from the billing address and could result in credit card fraud.

PARTS ORDERS: Please order your parts carefully. Do not rely on information from our parts representatives, they do not know what machine you have. Examine your actual machine before ordering to assure yourself that the parts you order will be correct. All parts sales are final. Should you order the wrong parts for your vending machine, Vending Works is under no obligation to accept the parts as returned goods.

REFUSAL TO SELL: Vending Works reserves the right to refuse service or to sell to any individual or business for any reason with or without notice. Should Vending Works exercise this right all money paid by customer by our automated system will be promptly refunded.

SHIPPING USPS: USPS service times are not guaranteed. Should you choose Priority mail, Express mail or First Class mail there is usually a 1-2 day delay in shipping. 

WARRANTY INFORMATION: “Limited Warranty”: this indicates that the warranty provided does not extend to every possible situation. There are situations that are excluded; therefore the warranty is “limited” rather than “unlimited." All warranty items must be sent to Vending Works by UPS or other means at the customers own expense. Warranty is valid in lower 48 states. Warranty for Alaska, Hawaii, and all other countries is modified as follows: All warranty items must be returned at the customers own expense and replacement items must have freight, shipping or UPS charges paid by customer. Due to the cost of shipping we only send all warranty parts by UPS ground. Should the customer require faster service on warranty parts then the additional shipping cost would have to be paid at the customers expense. All sales are final.

Every effort is made to ensure that any purchased equipment has been thoroughly checked out before it leaves our building. We have a large, in-house parts and service department staffed with personnel who are experienced with just about any problem you may encounter.

For on-line/out-of-area purchases: If parts are needed, return the defective part within sixty days and we’ll be happy to repair or replace the part. We will offer email support for all labor issues for a period of sixty days at no charge for all online or internet purchases. WE DO NOT COVER LABOR CHARGES, IF YOU REQUIRE A TECHNICIAN AT YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS, YOU MUST PAY FOR IT. WE ONLY OFFER A PARTS WARRANTY ONLY.

Refrigeration units: There are many reasons why a refrigeration unit may not be cooling or cooling in your machine. Some of these reasons would be the fault of the cooling unit and for some of these reasons the fault would lie elsewhere. If during the warranty period a refrigeration unit stops cooling, you agree to perform a small series of tests which you will be instructed how to do in order to determine the exact cause of the failure. If you refuse or fail to perform said tests and return the unit without specific prior authorization from us, then it will be done at your own expense. You also agree that if the remedy for the failure does not require the system to be unsealed (fan motor, capacitor, overload, relay, etc.), then the replacement part only will be sent to be installed by you the customer with our instruction (usually video instruction). 

When returning a refrigeration unit or core, we require the original packaging to be used. The original packaging is designed for the item to make it to it's destination in the best posible condition. if the original packaging is not used, you may be held liable for any damage done to the unit. To receive a refund of the core charge that was paid on a particular unit, the complete core must be received by us in rebuildable condition. If the core is received damaged or in otherwise non-rebuildable condition, your core charge will be forfeited.

Exclusions: Acts of vandalism, fire, flood, other natural disasters, power surges causing disruption to machine power or excess power to be delivered to machine by generators or other means, improper installation of item, using item for something other than it's intended purpose, connecting item to improper voltage,  are all not covered by warranty. The very nature of vending is to leave machines unattended so it's very possible that many of these things could happen without the knowledge of the vending machine owner / operator.

*Please note: All items on this website are rebuilt unless otherwise noted. Vending Works does everything possible to keep pricing as low as possible. By purchasing items on this website you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this policy page. Should a dispute occur at a later date this page will be submitted in its entirety to credit card providers or PayPal as needed to substantiate our claim for payment of items purchased.